Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must Haves Fall 2010 #1

Hello fellow fatshion sistas!!

Soo... This week I haven't been going out much so I thought instead of bringing u an OOTD I would share some of the must haves that I just HAVE to have... Like these items are in shopping charts READY to

1. Old Navy Fleece Moto Jacket- I have never had a light-weight jacket that I could pair with everything so I think this will be a great piece :)

2. Old Navy Color Trimmed Cardigan - I actually have some yellow Steve Madden Shoes that I haven't been able to find anything to go with... SO when I saw this I was like GOT TO HAVE!!! So paired wit those and a white cami, gray or jean skirt, Geek glasses, GET GEEKED UP!!lol

3. Torrid White and Navy Chambray Blazer- This piece... I just :) Paired wit a Navy skirt and maybe a red cami and shoes.. NICE!!

4. Torrid Blue and Navy Stripped Vest- This I thought was cute... I'm really getting into the open cardigan thing so I thought this would look nice on me ;) This would def be on a white tee, jean skirt and gray Chuck Tailors day.

5. eShakti Rosette cluster banded waist dress- Now when I saw this dress it took my breath away... LITERALLY... and to think that they can make it tailored to UR likes and measurements was the icing on the cake!! Paired with fishnets and a nice black wedge shoe (which I already have!!), DEF would feel beyond

6. Avenue Kaleidoscope Dress- This dress is just ME... When I saw it I just KNEW it would look good on me... But I actually want to take a leap of faith and pair it with #9... and a jean jacket...For the hair I would have a side pony... LOVE my side Ponies!!lol

7. Torrid Over-the-knee Flat Boot - now this boot I would have to work wit bc my thighs are so wide, they wouldn't work goin over the knee... But I still want them to go wit some gray tops that I already have ;)

8. Forever 21 Purse- I saw this and was like that's nice... then the more I looked at it the more I wanted it... So now it has to come to my house ;)

9. Torrid Western Boot- As I have said before... I'm not a cowgirl so this is something new for me... But I am willing to try

So what are some of the MUST have pieces that you have found so far in FALL fashion?? Tell me where they are and how U would wear them... I like to see different peoples tastes!

Happy Shopping!!

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Ms Spoonful said...

Great fashion picks! I think my wardrobe is spilling at the moment but check out my recent happy purchase from DownUnder.