Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Expectations...


Sooo.... Today was the first day of classes and I was totally stoked to get out of my house for a while and it ended up only being like 3 hrs. 1 hr there, 1 hr class, and back... That was it... And tomorrow I will be gone longer and my mom is freaking out because she is saying that she's going to miss me... I mean REALLY?!?!?! Please let me be gone for a few days before you start missing me... But it IS sweet tho... I'm just saying...

We got in an argument over this tonight:

I actually found it on The sight was recommended by Fab Finds Under $50. Which I am GLAD she did!! But now I am going to sneak a purchase bc mom says I don't need it... I mean I haven't shopped in OVER A MONTH!! For me that is like the Sahara Desert!!! Totally not cool for this fashionista!!!

ANYWHOOO.... Check out the website and let me know what are your favs!! I may see something cheaper that I may like!!lol

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