Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello WORLD!!!

Hello everyone!!

I'm totally nervous ab all this blogging stuff... This is the first time that I am actually able to write something like this besides on myspace. But

I'm totally excited ab being on here and I hope that thru my blogs u can see a lil bit at me!! I'm 25 and single. I must be honest... I have a new found fashion sense... Like my mom has been telling me for a WHILE now that I need to change up the way that I dress but I have been too afraid. I'm not sure yet why, but I was. And even in somethings I think "I can't wear that". Then I had a come to Jesus moment after watching a video made by a girl named Shira.

(Shira, Please don't kill me for this I just wanted to share what u said... I LOVE ur channel!!)

After watching this blog I thought "Y NOT me??" Y can't I be the fashionista that I want to be?? Y can't I be a size 20 and LOVE the way that I look?? Y can't I get things for free and make money in unconventional way??? No one said that I had to go work from 9-5 everyday in order to make money and have things. I can do whatever I want. And seeing that I don't want to start a 9-5 job bc I'm going to school, I can think of other ways to make money... So that is what I'm going to do...

Yes I want this blog to be ab my fashion journey... But also ab my weight loss. Now. U have to understand I am a size 32. I mean at 25 that is crazy! I'm not getting any younger and my body is just breaking down. And to be honest, I don't love my body. A friend of mine told me this "If u don't love what U see in the mirror then do something to change it" Now I'm not sayin that if ur a size 2 and u want to be a 0 that you should go and loose weight... NO WAY!!! That COULD BE unhealthy for you... I'm just saying to accept the person that you are... And if u can change then change it!!

The third thing that maybe mentioned in my blogs is GOD... I love him!! Right now he is the BEST friend that I have besides my mom... I mean I have been thru the RINGER the last few months wit ppl that I thought were my "best friends" and no matter what happens when I pray I feel uplifted and encouraged!!

So for today I am going to show u my first outfit... I didn't wear it today but I did a few days ago and I LOVE this dress!! I actually work at Lane Bryant and this is me one day at work!! It makes me feel invincible, if that is

Peace, Love and Fashion!!