Monday, August 30, 2010

And so it BEGINS...

"I definitely think you would benefit from losing a few pounds... I mean LOOK at you!! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!"

This was from a girl I had just met last week. I mean LITERALLY. We have Child Development together. I was taking her to her job to pick up her paycheck. We ended up having the most intense conversation that I have had in a long time. She actually listened to what I said. ANNNDDD corrected me when I was wrong. I mean I just met this girl!! REALLY?!?!

Then I realized. Why am I shunning her words? They were encouraging. To motivate me to be a better me. To love me. Her words at the end of our conversation was "You need to get a no tolerance level". I was shocked because she could see that from talking to me in less than an hour!!

So what do I LOVE about me? WOW! This was a long time coming... But it needs to be done so that I can accept me and move on to another level. AND YES... Loose weight. Some of these may seem vain but just keep reading... I'll get to the deep stuff...

1. My Hair- I mean it is AH-MAZING!! I am soooo blessed to have it. When people look at me they see that I love it!! It has never, I mean NEVER, been cut my whole life. And recently I thought about layering it. But I thought Y do that? I love it the way that it is. There is a story behind my jet black glossy locks: When my mother was a little girl, she said that often times she would pray to God. She didn't grow up going to church so she didn't know that was what she was doing. But often times she would ask God for things in her small child- like mind. One of those things was... A little girl, with a lot of long beautiful hair that would be soooo prissy. And believe it or not she got what she asked for. HERE I AM!!lol

2. My hands and feet- Now most of you are going REALLY?? YES, really. I mean how many times have u seen women walking and they have horrible looking feet? I had an older brother who had a fetish for feet. He used to tell me that I had to keep my feet nice because how would he look if his sister had terrible feet and he won't even date anyone with ugly feet. Now I know that most women can't help what they are born with. But there is a way to take care of yourself and feet and hands are included. I keep my hands filled-in. If I don't I will have horrible looking hands. And why have that when I can make them look better for $15 every 2 weeks??lol

3. My personality- I mean not many people actually LIKE their personality... I'm like my dad, who is loving and kind, very articulate, hard-working. But then I have qualities that I have learned from my mother. Like generosity, organization, through. Not saying that I use all of them all the time but I do have them. One thing that I have noticed that has happened in the last year or so is from Ma: You can run over me all you want, but you mess with my momma and it is ON!! Well she applies this to me and my brothers. But I'm sure when I have kids then this will be applied to them as

4. Work Ethic- This is a quality that I got from my dad. He always taught us to work if we were ever going to have anything in life. It didn't take with my brothers too much but it did with me. I mean I could be dog sick and still will try to get up and go to work!!lol

5. Appetite- NOW, not many people will admit that they have this. I mean some people even say that they hate food. But I LOVE FOOD. I mean really. Every time I sit down to eat it's like paradise in my mouth.lolI have had people tell me that that is just in my mind. Well if it is then I want to keep it!!

6. My figure- Believe it or not there is a pear shaped figure under all these pounds. I have lost weight before and I have seen it there. But with my love for food came the loss of my figure. But I'm going to get it back. And you all are going to see it. Get ready to be amazed because it is there!!

I kno that this may all sound vain... and this isn't the mind set that I should have... Blah Blah Blah. I'm working on that. I mean less than a year ago I couldn't even come up with these 6 things. I only had the first 2. So I'm well on my way. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have 10. We shall see.

So back to my beginning story. When I look back I understand now. All the crap that I have been taking from people is unacceptable. Letting them exclude me from events. Going on trips without me. Running to me when they need me but not will to be there when I need them. That shows that they don't love the me that I love. And by letting them do this to me (I'm sorry to day) shows that I don't love me either. But that is changing. I have found that I am happier alone than I am with people that don't want me around. I'm back to my talkative sarcastic self and I ain't going NO WHERE!!

"Be beautiful, be loved... LOVE YOURSELF..."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

alice + olivia Fall 2010 Collection Video feat. DJ Mia Moretti & electri...


It's been a busy last couple of days since I started school but it has been GREAT!!lol I still haven't been able to show some of the stuff that I have been wearing to school but I have taken pics... I have been trying to get more and more bold with what I wear. Sorta stepping out of my comfort zone ;) SO be on the look out!!

This video was the intro to the Alice + Olivia site that someone that I follow blogged about... But these girls are NOT Alice and Olivia... It took me forever to realize it!!!lmao Their names are DJ Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe... These girls are awesome! I really think that they need to have a CD out because I DEF would buy it!! This video is showing The Fall 2010 Collection and I love all the pieces that are featured here... To bad they aren't in my size...



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Expectations...


Sooo.... Today was the first day of classes and I was totally stoked to get out of my house for a while and it ended up only being like 3 hrs. 1 hr there, 1 hr class, and back... That was it... And tomorrow I will be gone longer and my mom is freaking out because she is saying that she's going to miss me... I mean REALLY?!?!?! Please let me be gone for a few days before you start missing me... But it IS sweet tho... I'm just saying...

We got in an argument over this tonight:

I actually found it on The sight was recommended by Fab Finds Under $50. Which I am GLAD she did!! But now I am going to sneak a purchase bc mom says I don't need it... I mean I haven't shopped in OVER A MONTH!! For me that is like the Sahara Desert!!! Totally not cool for this fashionista!!!

ANYWHOOO.... Check out the website and let me know what are your favs!! I may see something cheaper that I may like!!lol

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're marching on... We're marching on...


So yesterday was a HUGE down day... and I'm sorry for unloading on here but I guess that is what this blog is for right??lol Well today was wonderful. Church was great! Then today I went out to eat with some great friends! I mean it has been a LOOONG time since I have been out and just laughed without any drama. So thanks to Adam Watkins for inviting me! And thanks to everyone that was there as good company!

This is my cutie Adam... This wasn't us tonight but another time we went to dinner... He's sweet and soo funny. When you get him and his brother Phillip together there is no doubt there will be laughs!! A good laugh does good like a medicine!! Much love!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

She's a MANEATER!!!


This week has been CRAZZZZYYYY!!! Totally boring but fun at the same time!lol I have been moping around the house because I have had no money to shop and I am finding all this stuff that I want to buy right now!!! On a high note school starts back this week and I can't WAIT!! I should have more outfits then because I actually have to get out of the house for more than just taking my brother to work or hitting a It's going to be so good to just get onto Peace's campus again... I mean it's like the air is totally different there, inside and out!! It's like breathing at this place!!lol

I was talking to my mom about situation that was happening in my life at the time and it seemed like she didn't want to be bothered... I know that she wasn't having a good day physically but of course that didn't make me stop feeling like I was dirt... Idk why that happens... So my mental processes were "When will I be able to get a man that is MINE? Not one that is like crummy and ghetto that I'm going to have to take care of. But one that is independent and self-sufficient in every way. And isn't trying to use me to get to a friend??"

I mean, take this for example... I was friends with a guy. I was interested. I think I hid it good. But not from my at the time BFF. I thought that maybe there would be a chance but before I let myself get too involved emotionally I said I wasn't going to say anything and I was gonig to wait and see if it was going to work out. It didn't. And then today I find out that he's dating my then best friend. And she didn't have the decency to tell me... I mean don't get me wrong... I AM PISSED!! But that isn't the point in this blog. Actually I'm already talking too much. But it's here now and I'm tired of holding it inside and if NO ONE reads this so here it is... But when something like this happens it makes me look at me... Like what is wrong wit ME?? I mean she has done this before (believe it or not she has... and I was too dumb to see it til now) Why does it always seem like the girls that are rude and mean get all the guys. I guess it's the same reason why all the GUYS that are rude and mean get the girls...smh

Then I was thinking about another guy that I have liked in the past. This guy was great. He was 9 yrs older than me ( I know that is a stretch but I'm just, and I totally blew it! By being immature and needy. I mean I look back now and I'm like "what was I thinking??? I mean REALLY??" But I did and I don't even think there is anyway to repair it... I'm sure this blog isn't going to help...smh But if he does happen to read this blog (and he knows who he is) I'm going to say this...

I'm sorry. That isn't a way that a woman conducts herself. I'm not sure that I have done a total turn around but if you are willing to give it a try then I am too... and not because of all that crap from up top but because I really do care for you. Always have and probably always will... I just can't get u off my mind.

*SIGH* Life is about lessons learned... And this one is another one...

But anywhoo.... I actually feel better!!lol Enough already... This week is going to be a good one and I'm off to bed!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I mean REALLY?!?!?! This is actually pretty good!! and the lil girl dancing was my favorite touch because believe it or not she can dance to be her I had to watch this again when I saw it!! TOO FUNNY!!!

It also makes me want a "swagga wagon"!!lol

Monday, August 16, 2010

Too cute for the word Cuteness!!!


Well... It's Monday... and I was awaken this morning my the pitter patter of little feet in my house... This is a note worth fact because my mother (who is the shortest one in the house) has a rule... No one shorter than her comes to stay the night... Well this lil person wasn't staying the night but we have been in this house for 4 years and it has not seen little feet like these since it was graced with our furniture....

And WHO could be this little person??

His name is Collin Wills and he has stolen my heart... He is about 16 months and he has the smile of an angel!! He makes me smile... When he cries I want to cry. I know this is crazy, but I had to work today and I didn't want to leave!! I just wanted to sit and play with him all day!! It's funny because this morning my mom was trying to get him upstairs but he wouldn't budge til I called him... Everything she told him to do I had to tell him because he wouldn't listen to her!!lol Makes a girl feel good for a change...

So here is a pic of my lil skootapoot!!

This is his attempt to do what "Ni-Ni" was

And him trying to take the camera from mom...

These were the only good ones... And I have to admit he is just too cute... I haven't had many smiles lately but when his face lights up I forget about sitting at home alone on a Friday evening with nowhere to go and no one to go with... 

Often times I find myself wanting to go back to the younger years (not as young as Colin because I don't remember those years) where all I had to worry about was wither daddy was taking me for a ride in the BIG truck this weekend or not... Or if momma would let us have Micky Ds fries with our fried chicken instead of broccoli... Where friends were just friends not people that ignore you today because they don't FEEL like dealing with you... Or boys don't talk to you because your a girl with "kooties" and not because they like you but is afraid to be seen in public with you so they ignore you all together...

Back to when I had a personal clothing and hair dresser...

I haven't had much to get up in the morning for lately... But if Colin, with his shredding paper all over my mother's unmade bed or taking any gadget from us for further inspection, is reason enough to get up for a while?? I'll take his pretty blues peeping around corners when he hears me coming ANY day ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Giveaway by Cupcake's Clothes


I'm here with another giveaway!! Seems like lots of people are celebrating by giving away free stuff!! heehee YAYY for the followers!!lol 

Well... this one is by Georgina of Cupcake's Clothes...  SO to check it our click here :)

One thing that I didn't notice ab her blog is that she makes jewelry and it cute too!! So check her out and add her if you like what you see!! Here is a picture of all that she is giving away.

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's a GIVEAWAY!!!


haha! That was a biggun!!(say it out loud wit a southern

I am coming to you with a giveaway!! This one is by Kathryn of Fat-tasic Fashion... She has made it to 30 followers and is having a giveaway... YAYY!!! I just wish I was at 30... hahaha!! But then again not really bc I am broke and wouldn't be able to buy anything to give Well check it out here.... and here is a picture of what she is giving away!! Holla Holla!!

OH! and another thing.... I'm having a hard time getting people to follow me... So maybe some people can recommend me to a few friends?? I mean I know my blog isn't the best but I would like for some people to read it... I mean... I like for people to actually LAUGH at my

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Scumday... Blah Blah Blah...


Well this greetings wasn't as enthusiastic as the last one but it's still there with a plastered smile on my face...

This was actually one of my friend on facebook's status update and I totally was feeling it... I work both Sat and Sun this past weekend so my legs were taking a sabbatical and didn't want to work when I needed them the most!! Yeah... Welcome to my world... I DID however seem to have gotten my hair permed (black women's perms make their hair STRAIGHT... So don't pass after much coaxing to my mom... She finally got up the cajones (or whatev you want to call it) to do it this evening... So I'm sitting here with braids in my hair like Pippy Longstocking and in a sleepy/crappy mood...

I didn't have this mood for most of the day which is a MIRACLE... Then I remembered that I was sitting at home... BROKE... which meant for tax free weekend I had no money OR credit... Sad day in my house... Not only that but it was employee fashion week at work which meant we got an EXTRA percentage off of clothing and I couldn't even use it...

So then my brother comes home and tells me that my "like interest" (meaning I like him but I am not in love with him) came by his job this evening and was like "oh yeah... I'm just picking up a few things b4 I go home"... But my question is WHY are you even at this store when there are like 3 closer to your home... Which tells me that you have been to my "or so I THOUGHT" bff's house (which is practically in my back yard) to chillax and have dinner... Then that reminds me of HOW MUCH she wasn't my bff that she would entertain the guy that I like without my knowlegde OR even inviting me to join them (which she can seem to do all the time) therefore intensifying the feeling of anger...

BUT I DIGRESSssss......

I refuse to go there because no matter what she has done, she isn't worth my anger... I DID however find a dress that is AH- MAY- ZING!!! I MUST have it for ECC (East Coast Conference... It is an annual conference that my church hosts). I mean this dress is so pretty, it'll make you eyes slap your brain... and if I can get it in my size then it WILL be comin to the house... The conference isn't until November... SO YES... you have to wait til then bc if I get it now then someone is going to want to have it and I need to MAKE SURE no one in my circle gets the dress b4 I do... So the place where it is is locked in my brain, not to be revealed!!!

With that being said, scumday is over and all anger/crappy mood is passed... Now I'm just sleepy...

Maybe I'll dry my hair tomorrow....

Or Wednesday... I'm not going anywhere anyway... *sigh* smh

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"I mean... the girl just went off for no reason...."


I kno it's totally random but I like saying it bc not many ppl do and when u say it ppl look at u funny and laugh and say "hiiii hehe"... Makes my day every time!! U should try it!!

Ok I know. I know. I have totally been writing in TXT Tlk... This is a BAD habit of mine. So hopefully this will stop as a FORCE myself to type out every word.

So what is the point of this blog?? ABSOLUTELY I have been on my feet at work for the past 5 hours and being as big as I am it is not good for my ankles. But I haven't been like wearing anything blog worthy, But I still wanted to get on here and talk about somethings... See I typed "ab" and had to go back and finish the word... :D

Body Odor: OKAYYYY!!! I am a big girl... Probably bigger than most women that are doing this blogging thing but this is one thing that I have NEVER understood... IF you look below ALL of the blogs listed here you will see my version of my mother's all- time favorite quote: " JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BIG DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE NASTY!!!" Now you can love this or hate it but I really don't give a flying flip... I have a problem with people that don't take a bath, OR IF they do they still come around me stinking!!! That makes NO SINCE what so EVER... GET UR LAZY BUTT UP AND WASH IT!! YOU ARE OFFENDING ME!!! I actually saw a commercial the other day where a girl was talking about how she didn't want her bad smell to offend someone. Can we PLEASE get back to those days?!?! Thanks!

Your Shopping Experience: I work in retail and this is what it says... YOUR shopping experience... Not mine... Not my coworkers... I mean, YES we are there to help you... If there is something you can't find, you want to know if they even make the item in your size, or if you need a 2nd opinion...  But when you come in the store and sit down on our display and expect us to run all over the store for you? That is taking it too far. This is a retail store. I am not being paid $7.50/ hr to shop for you... Actually if I was shopping for you then I would charge $15-20/ hr. and you would look better... :)

Wow... I ended up saying more than I Well maybe I will have more to say another time... If you have any comments of course leave them below. Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must Haves Fall 2010 #1

Hello fellow fatshion sistas!!

Soo... This week I haven't been going out much so I thought instead of bringing u an OOTD I would share some of the must haves that I just HAVE to have... Like these items are in shopping charts READY to

1. Old Navy Fleece Moto Jacket- I have never had a light-weight jacket that I could pair with everything so I think this will be a great piece :)

2. Old Navy Color Trimmed Cardigan - I actually have some yellow Steve Madden Shoes that I haven't been able to find anything to go with... SO when I saw this I was like GOT TO HAVE!!! So paired wit those and a white cami, gray or jean skirt, Geek glasses, GET GEEKED UP!!lol

3. Torrid White and Navy Chambray Blazer- This piece... I just :) Paired wit a Navy skirt and maybe a red cami and shoes.. NICE!!

4. Torrid Blue and Navy Stripped Vest- This I thought was cute... I'm really getting into the open cardigan thing so I thought this would look nice on me ;) This would def be on a white tee, jean skirt and gray Chuck Tailors day.

5. eShakti Rosette cluster banded waist dress- Now when I saw this dress it took my breath away... LITERALLY... and to think that they can make it tailored to UR likes and measurements was the icing on the cake!! Paired with fishnets and a nice black wedge shoe (which I already have!!), DEF would feel beyond

6. Avenue Kaleidoscope Dress- This dress is just ME... When I saw it I just KNEW it would look good on me... But I actually want to take a leap of faith and pair it with #9... and a jean jacket...For the hair I would have a side pony... LOVE my side Ponies!!lol

7. Torrid Over-the-knee Flat Boot - now this boot I would have to work wit bc my thighs are so wide, they wouldn't work goin over the knee... But I still want them to go wit some gray tops that I already have ;)

8. Forever 21 Purse- I saw this and was like that's nice... then the more I looked at it the more I wanted it... So now it has to come to my house ;)

9. Torrid Western Boot- As I have said before... I'm not a cowgirl so this is something new for me... But I am willing to try

So what are some of the MUST have pieces that you have found so far in FALL fashion?? Tell me where they are and how U would wear them... I like to see different peoples tastes!

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outfit of the day (OOTD)


I'm really excited to share this with you guys!! Today I had Sunday School and an evening church service again tonite... Sometimes I get really dressy for the night service and other times I just wear what I had on for Sunday school... Today was one of those days bc I need some sun (a lil on the blah side today) But I must admit I looked really cute and got LOADSA compliments... By the end of the day I was back to my fashion game and I'm ready for a new week!! Check it!
Shirt: Avenue
Skirt: Avenue
Shoes: Beauty World

I must admit I don't wear jewelry... And I'm not ashamed to go to the local beauty supply store are buy shoes. Not only were they cheap but they are cutie!!! These are leather braided gladiators. Here is a close up. Oh and I had a Pedi on Monday so I was walking around all week going "LOOK MA!! New FEET!!"lol I forgot for a min there how wonderful Pedi's are!!!lol
So the shirt that I wore had some cute detail on it...
Here is what the sleeves looked like.

And the broach on the right shoulder....

Love, Peace, and Fashion!!