Friday, August 13, 2010

It's a GIVEAWAY!!!


haha! That was a biggun!!(say it out loud wit a southern

I am coming to you with a giveaway!! This one is by Kathryn of Fat-tasic Fashion... She has made it to 30 followers and is having a giveaway... YAYY!!! I just wish I was at 30... hahaha!! But then again not really bc I am broke and wouldn't be able to buy anything to give Well check it out here.... and here is a picture of what she is giving away!! Holla Holla!!

OH! and another thing.... I'm having a hard time getting people to follow me... So maybe some people can recommend me to a few friends?? I mean I know my blog isn't the best but I would like for some people to read it... I mean... I like for people to actually LAUGH at my

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