Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outfit of the day (OOTD) #2


Actually I didn't wear this today. I have been so busy with school and all that I haven't had time to actually put it up here!!lol So here it is!! This was this past Sunday Evening church service outfit.

Open front Cardi and Cowl Neck top- Lane Bryant
Black Zipper Ponte Skirt- Avenue
Black Agner Wedges (not shown)- Thrifted (my mom got them for me for $2!!lol

I absolutely HATE that I was standing in front of the toilet!!! But this was taken at like 1 in the morning so I wasn't thinking straight!!lol

Top Shot- Sleepiness was taking over by this point!!lol

This was the best side of my hair. The other side had the pin-curl action going on too but not as much as this side... Plus this is my best side for pics ;)

This past weekend was a Roller-coaster!! And to top it off on a good day I thought I'd curl my hair for the Sunday Night service at church and I'm glad I did!! I felt ultra beautiful and well put together. My hair did MUCH better than I was expecting so I was happy!! Then after service we had free burger and chips in our church gym to celebrate the Labor Day holiday!! Which is always fun!! So I had some good laughs with my girlies and came home EXHAUSTED!!!

Right now I am very happy with the way that life has been going this week. School has been my full-time job rather than something that I am doing on the side. I have been trying to attend every class. I have missed one, and that was because I could not stand going through another public speaking class where the teacher has been putting me to sleep!!lol I have lots of reading and homework to do so there is no time to sit around and think about how boring my life has been. I can say now that I am happy and blessed, AND a little sleep deprived. But it's ok. Comes with the territory ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair style of the day #1


Soo... It's labor day and it got me to thinking about this nation and what it stood for when it was founded. It also got me to thinking about fashion from back in the day. But not only that. HAIR styles from back in the day. I think that your hair is your best accessory. And you already have it!! NO NEED TO BUY ANY!!lol So for today I wanted to show you my latest creation:

It kind of has that 40s or 50s vibe... I'm totally into that kind of fashion now... I actually have a dress that I am buying from Eshakti that would go great with it. I was going to show you all how I did it but the curls from on here were leftovers so I'll have to do another post when I actually have time to go through the steps again.

Well I hope everyone has a good day!! Peace love and happiness!!