Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair style of the day #1


Soo... It's labor day and it got me to thinking about this nation and what it stood for when it was founded. It also got me to thinking about fashion from back in the day. But not only that. HAIR styles from back in the day. I think that your hair is your best accessory. And you already have it!! NO NEED TO BUY ANY!!lol So for today I wanted to show you my latest creation:

It kind of has that 40s or 50s vibe... I'm totally into that kind of fashion now... I actually have a dress that I am buying from Eshakti that would go great with it. I was going to show you all how I did it but the curls from on here were leftovers so I'll have to do another post when I actually have time to go through the steps again.

Well I hope everyone has a good day!! Peace love and happiness!!