Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outfit of the day (OOTD) #2


Actually I didn't wear this today. I have been so busy with school and all that I haven't had time to actually put it up here!!lol So here it is!! This was this past Sunday Evening church service outfit.

Open front Cardi and Cowl Neck top- Lane Bryant
Black Zipper Ponte Skirt- Avenue
Black Agner Wedges (not shown)- Thrifted (my mom got them for me for $2!!lol

I absolutely HATE that I was standing in front of the toilet!!! But this was taken at like 1 in the morning so I wasn't thinking straight!!lol

Top Shot- Sleepiness was taking over by this point!!lol

This was the best side of my hair. The other side had the pin-curl action going on too but not as much as this side... Plus this is my best side for pics ;)

This past weekend was a Roller-coaster!! And to top it off on a good day I thought I'd curl my hair for the Sunday Night service at church and I'm glad I did!! I felt ultra beautiful and well put together. My hair did MUCH better than I was expecting so I was happy!! Then after service we had free burger and chips in our church gym to celebrate the Labor Day holiday!! Which is always fun!! So I had some good laughs with my girlies and came home EXHAUSTED!!!

Right now I am very happy with the way that life has been going this week. School has been my full-time job rather than something that I am doing on the side. I have been trying to attend every class. I have missed one, and that was because I could not stand going through another public speaking class where the teacher has been putting me to sleep!!lol I have lots of reading and homework to do so there is no time to sit around and think about how boring my life has been. I can say now that I am happy and blessed, AND a little sleep deprived. But it's ok. Comes with the territory ;)

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Bianca said...

Beautiful color! Its looks so good on you. :-)