Saturday, August 7, 2010

"I mean... the girl just went off for no reason...."


I kno it's totally random but I like saying it bc not many ppl do and when u say it ppl look at u funny and laugh and say "hiiii hehe"... Makes my day every time!! U should try it!!

Ok I know. I know. I have totally been writing in TXT Tlk... This is a BAD habit of mine. So hopefully this will stop as a FORCE myself to type out every word.

So what is the point of this blog?? ABSOLUTELY I have been on my feet at work for the past 5 hours and being as big as I am it is not good for my ankles. But I haven't been like wearing anything blog worthy, But I still wanted to get on here and talk about somethings... See I typed "ab" and had to go back and finish the word... :D

Body Odor: OKAYYYY!!! I am a big girl... Probably bigger than most women that are doing this blogging thing but this is one thing that I have NEVER understood... IF you look below ALL of the blogs listed here you will see my version of my mother's all- time favorite quote: " JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BIG DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE NASTY!!!" Now you can love this or hate it but I really don't give a flying flip... I have a problem with people that don't take a bath, OR IF they do they still come around me stinking!!! That makes NO SINCE what so EVER... GET UR LAZY BUTT UP AND WASH IT!! YOU ARE OFFENDING ME!!! I actually saw a commercial the other day where a girl was talking about how she didn't want her bad smell to offend someone. Can we PLEASE get back to those days?!?! Thanks!

Your Shopping Experience: I work in retail and this is what it says... YOUR shopping experience... Not mine... Not my coworkers... I mean, YES we are there to help you... If there is something you can't find, you want to know if they even make the item in your size, or if you need a 2nd opinion...  But when you come in the store and sit down on our display and expect us to run all over the store for you? That is taking it too far. This is a retail store. I am not being paid $7.50/ hr to shop for you... Actually if I was shopping for you then I would charge $15-20/ hr. and you would look better... :)

Wow... I ended up saying more than I Well maybe I will have more to say another time... If you have any comments of course leave them below. Thanks for reading!!

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jtbrown said...

I agree that just because you're a big woman/person you do not have to smell bad. I remember doing a 2 or 3 part post about that on my blog.

It's nice to find the blog of another big girl!