Monday, November 15, 2010

Five Favorites and Lessons Learned...

This is something that I thought I would try to do at least once a month. It is a way to keep things into perspective and see things that make me smile. Check em out...

Five Favorties

1. TRESemme's 4+4 Hair Care products-
I have had some horrible experience with hair care products in the past. I love to style my hair and make it look nice for church but I only would find hairsprays that would dry out my hair. No matter how much oil I put on it, it wouldn't look any better. A friend told me about this line that TRESemme has that I was a little afraid to try. But after I did I have been totally HOOKED!!lol Here is what the bottle looks like but it says 4+4: 4 vitamains/ 4 mineral vitamins on it. (or something like

2. Matty B.
Now I wasn't going to do this but this kid has got some FLOW!!!lol He's funny and sarcastic. He even dances in one of his I first saw him last week in a "Whip my hair" prodgy. Then I looked him up and found this one... Too cute!!lol

3. Food-
Food and I are having a love affair. I know that sounds bad. I'm trying to loose weight. Not to be ulta skinny, because that is DEF not me, but to be healthy. Because I am really starting to see effects of being this big and they aren't good :/ And this love affair is not helping me achieve It's like the more I try the more I want to eat. Like Saturday, I went to this really ritzy Italian restaurant called "Pop's". The dish that I had was ok. But I tasted like 3 peoples dishes and they was spactacular!! Bread was great... Made me feel real fancy. Then last night (Sunday night) some friends and I decided to go to Cosmic Cantina. Which was ok because I got a low-fat burrito (if that is possible lol). But that burrito was better than it was the last time I went and I was sooo in love with it. So I have decided. I am going to eat whatever I want but in moderate portions and exercise. I can't not eat something because then I will see it as a diet and I won't stick to it... We shall see how this works this week :)

4. Eating with friends
This is something that I haven't done much of in the last couple of months because I have been on a self-pity streak. But Saturday night and last night I was able to get together with some friends and have dinner and it was SOOOO refreshing. There was no "I wish you would shut-up" looks, or people over here whispering secrets. We were all adults and we all were having conversations together. That is soooo REFRESHING... I can't even tell you how much better I have felt because of it.

5. Following "Skinny-Girl" Blogs-
I must say I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn't want to do it. But I am finding that many of them have ideas that I can use. They all aren't bashing big girls or trying to make big girls look bad. Here are a couple I have found...

 B. Jones Style

I mean how many women do you know can wear a pencil skirt, t-shirt, hoodie and blazer and still make it all look fabulous?? None here in NC!!!lol

 Sample Style

Now this I can work with... I have the blue dress I just need some boots and a matching belt... I'm not sure an the jacket. I would want to do a different color if I could. And the braid in her hair is FABULOUS!!! Def have to find this stuff and make it happen!!lol

Five Lessons Learned

1. Stockings and tights are not plus-sized women's worse enemy...
2. Getting off the computer for 5 hrs to hang out with friends is better than chatting online...
3. Conversations with a group of 8 without people whispering and sharing secrets are less painful for everyone. If there is something that you need to say and you don't want the group to hear it then wait til later to tell them.
4. Taking pictures is not a bad thing. So hop on over and join that group of people that your hanging out with in that picture.
5. There will have to be some type of sacrifice to make yourself a better person or the person you want to be...

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