Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being generous is a good thing...

So I have been getting alot from about getting money off my next purchase... and the good thing is:


Soooo... I was trying to copy the thing they sent me and paste it here like i did last time but of course yahoo mail wanted to be LAME and not let me... SOOO here it is...

From not until December 15, any of my friends can use this gift voucher to get up to $25 off their purchase!! Here is how it works:


Gift Certificate code: ZRDMUZ

I think this is a GOOD deal as seeing that the last time I bought something from them it was $90 BEFORE tax. But of course well worth it!! I just wish I had more money now to buy things that I see because I am dying to get another dress!!!lol

To shop with me click here.

I hope everyone has a good hump day and a good end of the week!!! 

mwahhh.... Tootles!!!

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