Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Days of ME!! Day 20...

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

hahaha!!! Well.... right now that is.... No one... But I do want to be with someone. The man that God has for me. It's funny that this was Day 20. Last night I had a dream that I had met the love of my life. And though I saw his face I can't even remember what it looks like. The dream was so real that I'm even afraid to tell to much here. So I know there is someone for me out there I just don't know who he is YET... SO... I'm going to wait for ;)

I have been wearing some pretty awesome outfits to school, work, and other places... But I haven't been taking pictures of them because it is hard to get someone to take them for me... I promise I will try to do better!! Today I bought a sweater from LB that is SOOOOOO fabulous and I can't wait to wear it tomorrow! SO come back and have a look at it.

I must go now... The morning always comes too early...

((raises hand in air)) GO WITH GOD!!!lol

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