Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of ME!! Day 19...

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them.

This is going to be a long one because I have sooo many

Nikki- This is my name that everyone calls me. When I was younger NONE of my teachers could pronounce my first name (Shaniqua). Actually none could til I got in HS. So my mom decided that this would workd.

Nikki doodle- Remember the little kiddie song "Yankee doodle went to town, riding on a pony..." Well that is where my oldest brother decided to change "yankee" to "Nikki" and they would tease me for hours singing that song. Then somewhere along the line my father started calling me that and it stuck for a few

Nikerdoodle- This was from my friend Jenny. Just another way to say Nikki-doodle.

Nikkates- This was from my friend Celia. It combines Nikki and my last name Cates.

Nikkate- Another version of Nikkates. Again from Celia.

Nikkill- Yet ANOTHER version of Nikkates but this was whenever I was mad about

Sha-Nikki- A combo of my first name and nickname.

Doodle-bug- A version of Nikki-doodle. Not sure how we got to this.smh

Punkie- this is an endearing name my mother gave me. She call me this for most of my teen years. 

Beautiful/ Gorgeous/ Glamor doll- These are endearing names from different people. My aunt has taken a liking to glamor doll because she is finally seeing how prissy I am. She never has seen it before now b/c she was all ab my cousins in TX that never had anything to do with her. Nice to meet you

Chick/ Dudette- a name my dad gave me when he's being playful.

Lil brown girl- this one is actually from my friend Angie's oldest son. When he was little (like 5) he gave me this name for like a year or so because he couldn't remember my name. It was always "Mommy when is the brown girl coming?" OH! Then I became "sis. kim's (my mom) kid".lol He was so cute and still is now at 13!! (WOW! That just made me feel OLD!)

 Bugga/ Toota- These were names given by my grandmother, of whom I was her favorite. She died before I could remember her but my mom said if she was alive now I would be 10x more spoiled than I am because she would give me everything I wanted.

Jersey baby- my dad called me this because I was so proper when I was little.

Ni-Ni- this is the latest And it comes from a little guy named Collin Wills because he can't say Nikki

Blackblonde- because I'm black and as ditsy as a blonde. 

The broke daughter- another name that my father has given me in the last 3 years because I never have money and am asking him to buy me stuff all the time... WHICH he does ;)(mind you I am the ONLY daughter he has!!lol).

Pepper- When I was little my bestest Holly and I was called Salt and Pepper by her dad because we were always Oh the good ol days!!!

Oreo- This is another version of the blackblonde. Chocolate (Black) on the outside, Creame (while) on the

****I have had a lot of my friends say that they like my blog and I was thinking that no one was reading it... So thanks for reading!! It makes me feel like I actually have a little attention in my parts of the world :)

(Raising hand in air) To everyone.... GOD SPEED!!!lol

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