Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I am sooo excited about this giveaway!! It's by Christina from Randomness a la mode. She's really sweet and I recommend that everyone follow her. But anywhoo... She is having a give away from CSN. $35 gift card. Which I want soooo bad.

Why? (you ask)

Because I am redecorating my room!! I checked out this site and here are some of the things that I am thinking about purchasing...

The Bed...

The bed that I have is this horrible bulky sinfulness that is made of wood and has sliding doors... SOOO 1980... GOTSTA GO!!

Bedding to go on the bed:

I was really saddened to see that this was out of stock in Full size :(

Then I found this and all was right in the world :) *sigh

I will however be throwing in some pink in there... Some. where. every. where.

So I'm painting my dresser chest and night stand black. And will have pink sheers on the windows. But I need a mirror to go over the dresser because the one I have is of COURSE... Horrendous!!!
Oh YES my friends... Love at first sight!!

And of course if you are friends with me on facebook you must know about my new obsession to get rid of the ceiling fan that doesn't work and replace it with a small chandelier...

This one is actually smaller and cheaper than the one that I was looking at getting from So it's a win-win!!
Soooo... Add in some odds and ends here and there on table tops and WALAAAA!!!!
OOO I can't WAIT til it all comes together!! :)

I have a bookshelf too... I may paint that pink just cuz ;)

Check out Randomness a la mode. Follow. Enter in her giveaway. I'm sure she won't mind :)


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cheeky curves said...

I am loving the black theme