Monday, December 27, 2010

My Top 5 Music Videos of 2010

I was looking on at their list so I thought I'd make a list of my own :)

1."Why don't you love me?" -Beyonce
Feast your eyes on TALENT... This woman is AH-MAZE-ING!! I love it when she stops the whole song to dust her Grammy's... WERK IT GUURRRLL!!lol From her attitude to her pinup retro style. Love it. Love her. She is just an all around great artist.

"There's nothing not to love about me... I'm LOOVEELLYYYYY."

2. "Unthinkable" -Alicia Keys
This one MOVED me... At the time I was unsure about my relationship with someone. But when I saw this I knew I was ready no matter what happened I was ready. Unfortunately it ended not long after It was good to see that there is racism in black people too, because there is. From when he says "What? Am I not good enough??", to the time traveling, to the fashion.  Loved this video.

"If we do the unthinkable will it make us look crazy OR would it be so beautiful? Either way I'm saying... If you ask me I'm ready."

3. "We're marching on" -One Republic
This actually came out when I was trying to pick up the pieces. It showed me that whatever happens I have to keep marching on... Plus it's like they are channeling Cold Play's "Speed of Sound" video and I love that song and video too...

"For all the things I'm not... I put one foot in front of the other and keep marching on..."

4. "What's my name" -Rhianna ft. Drake
I know this one isn't that old. It came out in November but I LOVE Rhianna and Drake's chemistry and they aren't even dating... The way it starts off playful in the store to when he kisses her cheek at the end... the way they really act like they are in love... SICK crazy...Makes me believe in love again...

"'Cause you just my type, OH na NA na na."

5. "Raise your glass" -Pink
 hahaha this one MAKES ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!! I love Pink because she don't care what people think of her she is going to have fun anyway. From the plump girl eating the skinny girl's food and knocking out the other, to the babies "raising their glasses", to her doing the shot-gun at prom. She is standing up the the less forunate and I love her!

"oh man... my glass is empty. That SUCKS."

Tell me some of your favorite videos and I'll check them out. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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NequiaCovv said...

I have never heard that song by Beyonce! is it neww??