Saturday, December 18, 2010

Changing it up a bit...

Ok... So I am like so bad at blogging right now... Things have been soooo busy here. I finished out this semester. And I'm so happy for that. So my lastest project is to change my room. I currently live with my parents and my room has never really looked the way I wanted it to. I don't have anything on my walls, and my furniture is all miss matched. So this Spring I'm going to paint all my furniture and get a new bed. I'm soooo EXCITED!!! So in looking for an idea of what kind of bed I want I came across these pictures of some nice rooms.

These are my 2 favorites. If I could get a headboard like the first one, I will be content. *sigh* But then again the 2nd one will fit in my room better... I would just have to paint my walls white and put wall paper on one... Too much

I like this wrap around look but I don't like the colors... OOOO!! Maybe I can get one that is Pink but wrap around!!

Now this room is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! I mean LOOK at it!! It's all clothes on one wall... I'm not the Victorian style kind of girl. And this looks like it's in a castle somewhere... But if I could have my closet our like this then I so would!!

Well as these renevations begin I'm going to keep you all posted. Hopefully I'm going to find some good stuff!

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