Sunday, December 26, 2010

My parents aren't glass makers...

To: Person who couldn't return my text messages because you were having a bad day...Who shall remain nameless...

And everyone else...

I am a PERSON. I have feelings. You think YOU have bad days?! How about I have bad weeks!! You say when I texted you, you didn't feel like talking because you were having a bad day.

Did you ever think I would be texting you maybe because I had a bad day too?!?

i am NOT invisible.

Everyone needs a friend. Someone to talk to. This past week has been a living HELL for me and my family. Why? Because I was so afraid that on Christmas I was going to hurt the entire day. I snapped at my family and C, didn't go out at all, and stayed in my pajamas most of the day everyday. All I needed was someone to say "It's going to be ok. The holiday will pass like so many before and the day isn't going to be so bad."


But NO! Is it too hard for someone to look past the smiles and uplifting words and say "Really... How are you doing inside? I know it's hard for you. So let it out. How are you REALLY doing?"

Where are all the people that care? Where are they??


SN: I know this is not what you want to read the day after Christmas but it's my blog and I wanted to get it out in open air... So there it is...

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Curvy Debbie said...

I see u.. I know that if u go on my blog u will not understand what im sayin bcz its in french, and im sorry for that, but you can comment my posts too! I hope ur fine!xxx